Does email marketing still work?

Yes it does! Although spammers have used and abused email marketing strategies for years, it is still one of the best methods for B2B marketing because:

The key decision makers in your target B2B clients use smartphones. Even if they are at a sales meeting or are attending a conference, they always have their mobile devices by their side! A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that 52% of all cell phone owners in the United States access their email messages over the phone and about 59% of all email marketing messages sent by businesses were accessed via mobile devices. The mobile internet revolution has rejuvenated the internet marketing vertical and you need to leverage this for your company so that you do not fall behind!

There is no better way to leverage your content marketing strategy than by creating engaging and informative content and then sending it to your current and prospective customers via a timely email blast. Having a responsive design and a clear call to action will have a significant positive impact on your bottom line!

Why Online Industries is your ideal partner for all your email marketing needs

We at Online Industries have set ourselves apart from the other vendors that typically occupy this space by:

Only providing lists where people have opted in:

We are in total compliance with the CAN-SPAM ACT and we only provide email addresses of key decision makers who have specifically opted in to receive email marketing materials. This is because these businesses are looking to partner with different companies, like yours, to further their business goals.

Serving businesses of all sizes:

Whether you are a small business owner, a mid-sized firm or a multi-national corporation, we guarantee that you will receive high quality leads of your desired volume that will allow you to zone in on your chosen industry or demographic. All B2B lists carry industry-specific SIC/NAICS codes that ensures you will only target companies in your chosen industry!

Providing World class customer service:

We do not run a fly-by-night operation. Our highly competent staff will patiently listen to your needs and will only make recommendations after they have a clear vision of your email marketing strategy. Do not have a strategy yet? We will help you create one!

Having in-depth knowledge of how email marketing works:

Our founders have been in business from the time people would dial-up via AOL and get excited when they see a message seeing ‘You’ve got mail!” Our email marketing strategies worked during the Nigerian Prince and the Spanish lotto scams and we have leveraged our expertise to maximize business growth potential for the current mobile internet generation.